Dr. Rachael Silverman

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My expertise includes but is not
limited to the following

Individual Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults

As a board certified licensed psychologist, Dr. Rachael Silverman is skilled and experienced in offering professional consultation and available to provide the highest level of knowledge and expertise, as well as critically analyze any case involved in the litigation process across the country.

Testing and Evaluation

I administer and complete comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations, Gifted Testing, and specialized testing such as ADHD, risk, and personality testing using an individualized battery of valid, evidence-based assessments.

Couples Therapy

Good communication is the key to improving your relationship and maintaining a healthy partnership.

Family Therapy

As a board certified licensed psychologist in Couple and Family Psychology, Dr. Rachael Silverman is available to provide expert consultation and coaching services to parents

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is a subspecialty practiced by psychologists who evaluate a patient’s mental health as mandated by retaining institutions, attorneys, or courts. It pertains to legal issues such as criminal or civil law.

Sports Psychology including Leadership Development

I have specialized training in the field of Sports and Exercise Psychology. Sport psychology is a branch of psychology, which is primarily concerned with, but not limited to, enhancing sporting performance.

Gifted Testing

I only use the tests for gifted children that are highly recommended and most commonly used.

Individual Therapy

The process of individual psychological treatment, called psychotherapy, begins with an initial session. We will first discuss the ethical and legal boundaries of confidentiality. 

Expert Witness Services

Dr. Silverman is available to provide expert testimony in a variety of contexts including family and criminal court.

Psycho Educational Testing

Comprehensive Psycho-educational Testing is a series of psychological tests, also called a Full Battery of Tests, administered to evaluate your child’s intellectual and cognitive functioning, academic abilities, learning style, and emotional and behavioral functioning.

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