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As a board certified licensed psychologist in Couple and Family Psychology, Dr. Rachael Silverman is available to provide expert consultation and coaching services to parents navigating the difficult process of parental separation and/or divorce. Dr. Silverman engages as a neutral party in order to provide expert mental health information to both parents and/or privately assist one parent and his/her counsel. As a consultant, Dr. Silverman cannot make recommendations as to the best parenting plan for a child and family, but can provide psychological information that may assist parents in making those decisions for themselves. The consultation and/or coaching process is different from therapy in that a consultant or coach may also work with the attorneys involved in a case.

When engaged as a neutral consultant or coach, Dr. Silverman is able to:
• Describe children’s typical responses to parental separation across the ages
• Provide developmental information useful in structuring parenting plans appropriate to
children at different ages
• Identify common problems when helping children to adjust to the new family, especially
stepfamily structure, including coordination of activities, academic needs, and essential
• Provide strategies and resources to assist parents in co-parenting
• Identify aspects that may be useful and/or necessary to include in a parenting plan
• Provide expert mental health knowledge on disabilities and assist parents in co-parenting
their children with disabilities
• Find support groups and organizations for children and/or parents who have gone through
or are going through the divorce process. Support groups can enhance positive
coping and decrease feelings of isolation through making connections with others facing similar challenges

When engaged privately by a parent and attorney, Dr. Silverman is able to:
• Provide developmental information
• Provide co-parenting information to help foster a collaborative and cooperative
• Assist parents in identifying areas for improvement in parenting and coping skills
• Assist with strategic planning
• Work with a parent and his/her attorney to successfully navigate the process and achieve
a successful outcome
• Provide private parent education and coaching
• Provide assistance to attorney in each of the aforementioned areas

Dr. Silverman may also be able to meet jointly with parents and their counsel to assist in problem solving, decision-making, parenting coaching, and/or strategic planning.

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