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As a board certified licensed psychologist, Dr. Rachael Silverman is skilled and experienced in offering professional consultation and available to provide the highest level of knowledge and expertise, as well as critically analyze any case involved in the litigation process across the country. Legal cases involving psychological issues or mental illness can be complicated to even the most skilled attorneys, judges, mediators, guardians, parent coordinators, etc. Dr. Silverman’s goal of professional consultation is to make complex cases manageable by providing attorneys on either side with understandable psychological and mental health information. Psychological consultation is often useful in Family, Civil, and Criminal cases, and most effective when engaged early in a case when the full range of options are available.

Dr. Rachael Silverman is able to assist in the following but not limited to areas:
• Identify psychological issues that may be relevant to the outcome of a case, and to
• Assist in explaining issues to parents, addressing deficits in parenting knowledge,
improving coping skills to succeed in the process
• Provide strategies for stabilizing a high conflict situation
• Assist in directing the course of litigation related to psychological issues
• Identify psychological risk factors
• Assist in addressing allegations or risks of child abuse and domestic violence
• Assist in addressing allegations or risks of parental alienation
• Advise on parenting plans, social investigations, and/or custody evaluations
• Assist in the selection of other professionals and the drafting of stipulations for therapy,
parenting coordination or other services
• Assess concerns about the performance of other professionals in the case

If a psychological evaluation is ordered, Dr. Silverman is able to:
• Assist in the selection of an evaluator and/or expert
• Review the evaluation process or report, parenting plan, social investigation, etc., to
determine whether the conclusion of the report and recommendations are consistent with the facts and evidence and meet the needs of the children
o Review the report for compliance with the American Psychological Association Guidelines and Association of Family and Conciliation Court
• Assist in responding to an unfavorable report or capitalizing on a favorable report

If the case proceeds to litigation, Dr. Silverman is able to:
• Assist with the psychological aspects of investigative and/or trial strategy
• Assist in selection of an expert witnesses
• Provide the latest developments and updates in psychological research related to the case
• Help familiarize child witnesses with the courtroom and support minor witnesses
• Support and assist with witnesses struggling with trauma
• Assist in translating psychological concepts to plain language
• Help familiarize non-forensic mental health witnesses with cross-examination strategies,
and general strategies for offering testimony
• Assist in preparing clients to testify effectively as related to psychological and mental
health issues
• Provide and prepare potential examination, cross examination, and deposition questions
for mental health professionals

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